UNM ANS Student Section receives a Gold Anniversary Certificate

March 1, 2017


In a letter from the American Nuclear Society President, Andrew C. Klein, the UNM Student Chapter of ANS was recognized with a Gold Anniversary Certificate for the Chapter’s valuable contributions during the past fifty (50) years of continuous affiliation with the Society. As President Klein stated in his letter “The UNM Section’s cooperation and dedication rendered have materially helped the Society experience sound growth and make notable progress toward achieving the aims and goals for which it founded. Klein went on to say “Congratulations on reaching this outstanding milestone of active affiliation with the Society. We look forward to the UNM Section’s continued active involvement with the Society and the nuclear field.” Here’s to the next 50 years!


ANS Student Conference 2018 – Gainesville, FL

Carly Romnes:

Best Paper Submission in Materials Science and Technology for my paper,

“Investigation of Irradiation Resistance of Haynes 230 for Advanced Nuclear Reactors”

coauthors: James Pike, S. A. Maloy, E. Aydogan, D.V. Rao, Osman Anderoglu

Best Paper Submission in Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology for our paper,

“Development of a Low Enriched Uranium Nuclear Thermal Rocket Inspired by the Space Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Project”

coauthors: Denise E. Chavez, Brandon J. Martinez, Nicholas M. Osterhaus, William R. Ford, Roger X. Lenard.

Deep Patel:

For Top Paper Submission

Effect of processing techniques on electrical and thermal properties of 14YWT

D.R. Patel*, U. Carvajal-Nunez, A. Nelson, S. A, Maloy, O Anderoglu*

Alan Evans:

Paper Title is: “Surface and In-Space TRIGA Reactor Power Production System”
Co-authors: Kyle Beling, James Jackson, Thomas Perea, Gary Whitlow