VCU  Section of the American Nuclear Society

We are the American Nuclear Society at Virginia Commonwealth University! What and who are we, you ask? We are a social, professional, technical, and community driven organization with a focus on nuclear and particle science and technology


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a pivotal entity in exposing members, along with the general public, on a more personal level. We believe in translating, legitimately, the knowledge we were privileged to obtain in our studies to engaged ears in an honest and enlightening fashion. Doing so, will also assist in dismantling fallacies perpetuated by politicians, social media, and misguided polls and statistics. Objectively, we hope that strategically planning events in both campus and state-wide will enable a more rational public who understands the safe and reliable nature of nuclear energy.

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Under the guidelines and standards held by the National American Nuclear Society, the VCU-ANS chapter’s overall goal is to promote nuclear matters in a positive light. While we are a modest size group in the eye of the nation, VCU-ANS looks to make a major impact in the nuclear world by scholarship and service. Also, functioning as a central hub of resources will enable the dedicated members to transcend and excel through collaborative activities, group tours, weekly meetings and conferences.

We meet every other Thursday at 7:00 pm At the school of engineering. Please visit our Events page for more information on upcoming events.

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